Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Update November 29, 2006

We want to thank everyone for their uplifting e-mails and blog comments. A binder containing all of your e-mails and comments has been made and will be read to Taylor as she recovers.

We would also like to thank our friends that have worked hard to set up the Taylor Hope Fund and organize the Pizza Night/Bake Sale Fundraiser. Information on Taylor's Fund and the upcoming fundraiser can be found on the right side of this website under "How to Help."

Many of you have asked where to send mail for Taylor. Taylor can receive mail at the UC Davis Pediatric ICU. The address is located on the right side of this website under " Taylor's Address."

Taylor has been doing well. She is very alert and is mouthing non-stop to her family. She has started physical therapy. They are starting with upper body work, moving her arms and shoulders. The physical therapist said that Taylor is a great patient. The feeding tube into her stomach has healed, so yesterday they started feeding her. Food is very important to her recovery.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Update November 25, 2006

We hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. We are thankful to all of you for your constant support.

Taylor has been actively communicating with Tammy by mouthing words. Tammy has become a great lip reader! Taylor has been asking for food and juice, which unfortunately she can't have. Although the doctors think that it is a great sign that she is requesting food. Taylor is getting to drink some water. Taylor has been asking a lot of questions about what has happened. Tammy has been talking to her about the accident and why she is in the hospital.

Now that Taylor is more alert and aware, the doctors and nurses are recommending that there only be one or two people in Taylor's room at a time. Taylor can now tell people what she wants, so she can communicate about who she wants in the room, if she wants to read a book or watch a movie.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Update November 22, 2006

Taylor had a tracheotomy and a stomach feeding tube put in this morning. The surgery went very well. They will wait to make sure the stomach tube wound has healed prior to feeding Taylor. It will most likely take a few days for the wound to heal. All of the tubes have now been removed from her face. She seems a lot more comfortable. Tammy should be a good lip reader in a few days!

The attending doctor stopped by today and said that Taylor is making great progress. She is responding to medication and he is very hopeful for her recovery. They have turned down the ventilator pressure, requiring Taylor to assist in breathing.

Russ, the EMT who was at the scene of the accident, came to the hospital today to visit Taylor. He gave Tammy a full account of the accident. Apparently the car spun three full revolutions prior to stopping. When Russ made it to the car, Taylor was not breathing and did not have a pulse. Russ performed CPR to revive Taylor. We are forever grateful to Russ and thank him for making the visit to see Taylor.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Update November 21, 2006

Taylor has been very alert the past two days. She has been awake most of the day. Lots of family have come to keep her company. Tammy and Carolyn have been reading books to her and she has been requesting to watch the movie Babe.

The doctors are recommending that Taylor get a tracheotomy in order to remove the tubes from her mouth. This will also help to prevent pneumonia and other respiratory infections. It's looking like the surgery to install the tracheotomy will happen on Monday. Taylor will still need assistance from a ventilator in order to help her breath until the doctors are sure that she can breath on her own.

We wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Update, November 19, 2006

Taylor is a lot more alert and awake today. She enjoys seeing familiar faces and has been requesting some of her favorite movies. This morning the doctor's turned down the rate of her ventilator to see if she could breath on her own a bit. She did extremely well. The doctor's will continue to test Taylor's ability to breath on her own. They hope she will be able to breath without assistance from the ventilator soon. If they can remove the breathing tube from her mouth, then hopefully Taylor will be able to talk.

Taylor got a respiratory infection today. The doctor's say that this is common because she has been laying on one position for a long time. With the infection, Taylor also has a fever. The doctor's have put her on antibiotics to fight the infection. Taylor will have a private nurse tonight to monitor the infection.

A lot of friends dropped off pictures and cards today. We put them up on all the windows and it really helps to brightened up Taylor's room. We appreciate all of the thoughts and well wishes!

Update, November 18, 2006

Taylor slept a lot today. She was up late last night getting her hair washed and getting a bath. She is also tired from her surgery yesterday. Because her spine was stabilized during the surgery, her neck brace was removed today. She seems a lot more comfortable.

The doctors gave Taylor a feeding tube today. Food will be very important to Taylor's recovery.

A lot of friends and family came to visit Taylor today. Thank you for your love and support.

What happened...

On Thursday, November 16, 2006 Tammy and Taylor were in a car accident near Taylor's school. The car was hit in the center of the passenger's side. Taylor was sitting in the rear seat of an eight passenger SUV. Taylor sustained upper spinal injuries. An EMT, who witnessed the accident, saved Taylor's life by performing CPR at the scene. Thankfully Tammy only suffered from some minor facial cuts and bruises. After a short visit at the Chico Hospital, Taylor was Life Flighted to UC Davis Medical Center. She is currently being cared for in the Pediatric ICU. Currently, Taylor does not have feeling below her collarbone. She is awake and alert. Taylor recognizes family and friends and is able to communicate by nodding her head. She is not able to talk, as she is connected to a ventilator to assist with breathing.

On Friday, November 17, 2006 surgery was performed to fuse cervical 1 - 4 vertebrae. A metal plate was also installed to stabilize her spinal cord.