Sunday, February 25, 2007

Update February 25, 2007

Taylor moved out of the ICU and into her new room on the third floor on Thursday. She has her own room and bathroom. Her room has nice big windows, and blue & pink walls. Now that Taylor is on the third floor she can have visitors and visitors are not required to wear smocks when they enter her room.

Taylor has a pretty busy schedule every day. The schedule is posted on her wall and begins every morning at 6:00 am. All the kids on the third floor go to school everyday. We hope that Taylor will want to join the other kids in the classroom, but if she doesn't a teacher can come down to Taylor's room.

Taylor has been doing her physical therapy everyday. On Friday she rode her bike for one hour. Taylor's stroller slides right up to the pedals on the bike. The pedals move to turn Taylor's legs just as if she were riding a stationary bike. Her legs receive electrical stimulation at the same time the pedals are moving. The bike is connected to a computer to chart Taylor's muscle function.

Taylor's new favorite movie is Flicka. She loves all of the horses in the movie. She also has a fun horse game on the computer which she really enjoys playing.

Thanks to everyone for your continued love and support!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Update February 20, 2007

Taylor has been doing well the past couple days. Taylor is breathing on her pacer again without assistance from the ventilator. Everything is going well, so she is scheduled to move from the ICU to the third floor sometime this week. She is looking forward to being able to have her friends and brother visit her in her new room.

Taylor has continued feeling in her hand. Taylor can always tell her mom what finger she is touching. She also knows when her mom closes her hand and when her hand is open.

Taylor's bike was delivered today. The doctors will work with other patients before putting Taylor on the bike. We hope that Taylor will get to try out the new bike soon.

We hope that everyone is enjoying the great weather!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Taylor had a great valentines day. She recieved so many wonderful cards, letters and pictures from all over the place. She loved looking at all the different cards people sent and couldn't believe that most of the cards she got were from people she didn't even know. She is so lucky to have so many people who care about her!

Things have been pretty mello up until the last few days. Her appetite has been increasing and she is sleeping better throughout the night. She was scheduled to move to the 3rd floor yesterday but she had a minor set back with her pacer. The doctors weren't exactly sure at first what caused the problem but they think that it had to do with the changing of the batteries on the pacer box. When the batteries are changed on the pacer box the box itself is supposed to be turned off. They think someone must have left the pacer box on when changing the batteries which led to the problem. Taylor did receive a new pacer box today and it is working great so the family is hopeful things will pick right back up. Taylor should be moving to the third floor sometime next week. This will make it easier for her brother and her friends to come and visit.

Taylor has been working hard in physical therapy. She doesn't like it but she does it. They continue to stimulate her arms and legs with a small electric stimulator. It doesn't really hurt but it does expand and contract her muscles. Her excersize bike that is coming from the Philidelphia Shriners should be here on the 20th of Feb. They will test it out on a few of the other patients at the hospital before Taylor starts on it. They want to try it on a few of the older patients and make sure everything goes smoothly before they put Taylor on it mainly because she doesn't like change very much and they don't want any problems when showing her how it will be used.

Taylor has really enjoyed the few times she has been taken out of her room to see her brother. She isn't always in a good mood to leave her room but once she is out, usually she thinks its pretty neat. Tanner really misses her and is so proud of her. When they walk around he holds onto the stroller and helps push. He tellls everyone who passes "this is my sissy". He even climbed up onto the stroller to give her a kiss.

Over the last couple of days Taylor has been able to feel her hands. Tammy and Taylor played a game the other day. Tammy covered Taylors hands with a towel and asked her to look the other way. Then Tammy asked Taylor which finger she was pinching. Everytime Taylor said the correct finger. She told her mom "Mommy I can feel my hands, and I'm not even fibing". Taylor has even been able to feel her stomach as well. Although the doctors haven't said much about the feeling she is having the family is happy and hopeful that this will be a positive recovery down the road.

Again, the family can't thank you all enough for all your love and prayers. They are asking that you continue to do so. Knowing you are all thinking of them truly means so much. It really has helped them get through this hard time.

There will be a Dinner and silent auction on March 17, 2007 at the Guardian Building in Gridley. Time and Ticket price will follow. If you need more information please contact Becky at 530-228-5861 or Julie at 530-570-6630.
More information will follow in regards to the dinner/dance being held on May 5th in Woodland.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Update February 11, 2007

Taylor has been busy, as always. She enjoyed watching the Super Bowl in her room while her mom tried to explain to her who Prince was. She also had a visit from Pastor Pamela, the Pastor at Tammy's Grandmother Norma's (Nonnie) church in Esparto, CA.

Taylor continues to work on her artwork. She places pens in her mouth in order to color and write. She wrote her name for the first time the other day. Taylor was so proud of herself.

Taylor always asks about her friends and family. She misses her home and continues to ask when she will be able to get into her Mom's bed again. Although Taylor is homesick, she continues to work hard and knows that she is getting better everyday. Taylor always asks about her friends and family, and wanted to write you all a note:

"Hi everyone! I miss you and I can't wait to come home. I hope I can see you all soon. I miss my toys and my Mommy's bed. Thank you for writing to me all the time. Love, Taylor"

Thank all of you for your love, support and prayers.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Update February 1, 2007

Taylor is officially off of the ventilator! She is breathing with assistance from the pacer 24 hours a day. Taylor has transitioned well to the pacer and enjoys travelling around the hospital without her respiratory therapist and ventilator in tow.

Taylor continues to join in the activities on the second floor. The other day she attended a performance by the Sacramento Ballet Company. She also got a visit from a couple players on the Giants and even has her very own baseball hat.

Now that Taylor no longer relies on the ventilator to breath, there is talk of moving her from the ICU to a room on the third floor. Her new room would be less restrictive than the ICU and she would even get to attend school at Shriner's.

A dinner/dance fundraiser for Taylor is scheduled for May 5, 2007 in Woodland at the Elk's Lodge. Information on where to get tickets, time, locations, etc. will follow as the date of the event nears.

Taylor appreciates all of your e-mails, visits, and phone calls. Thanks for your continued support.