Friday, June 22, 2007

June 22, 2007

Well, Taylor is home!!! Taylor has been home for about 1 month now and is doing very very well. She is eating and drinking and is smiling a lot more. She has seen many of her friends and family and has loved visiting with them as well as being able to snuggle in her mommys bed however she doesn't like to leave her house very much. Taylor will be starting school in August at Chico Country Day. She is a little nervous about returning to school but we all know she will do great once she is there and settled. Taylor is getting ready for Christmas which the family will celebrate in the next few weeks. She has wanted to open her presents for so long and is ready for all the Christmas lights. However she insists on getting a "real" tree instead of a "fake" one. Her family is doing their best but they are pushing for the "fake" tree. Her neighbors are all wonderful and some have even started getting out their Christmas lights to put up as well. She loves spending time with her little brother and he has become such a big helper. He stops what he is doing if her foot or hand falls off her chair and runs over to help pick it up and opens the doors for her all the time. They are very good for each other. The family would like to make sure everyone knows how wonderful all the love and support has been throughout all of this. It has made the transition for them so much better. The family thanks you all so much and they will try to post again soon.