Monday, April 30, 2007

April 30, 2007

We have been very busy with all of Taylors discharge work and all of her progress lately but I thought it was important to update everyone on a few things. Some of you may have heard by now that the May 1st go home date is no longer havppening. I would like to update everyone as to why. Back in Feb. 2007 we contacted Enloe Hospital in Chico to see if they would take Taylor on as a vent patient. We were denied. Ever since Feb. Shriners Hospital has been working on finding a company to accept Taylor. Taylor is considered a high liability due to her vent and trach. We have had all of our other home care needs in order for weeks and rady for discharge except the vent care. Last week we contacted Enloe again for a second review. They denied us again. From what I have heard they said the y did not want to acceept new patients due to Enloe wanting to close down the In Home Vent Care program. We ceived this news last Thursday. Shriners kept going and thankfully they found a company in Sacramento who will take Taylor as a patient. Now she can come home. Many patients are not able to go home if thye can not find care in their area. Many patients move to the town that will service them. Again, luckily, the company in Sacramento will service us.

The news media contacted me for an update on Taylor as they have several times in the past. We told them about Enloe and the problem we had had with them. The media contaced Enloe to get their side of the story and were told that Enloe hadn't heard of Taylor and that they never denied us. I find it hard to believe they can deny someone twice for the same patient and never know who the person is. Since the media has contacted Enloe, I have received several messages from their rep saying how Enloe would love to help out in any way they can. I want it to be clear that we are still using the company in Sacremanto as they are responsible for Taylor coming home. As you all knwo Taylor has had her whole world turned upside down in the last 5 months. She has had to get used to nurses picking at her, different doctors, bad food, even not being able to scratch her nose if she wants to (along with many other things we take for granted.) but the whole time she does it with a smile on her face and a big heart towards everyone. And still when you ask her what she wants to do it is to go home and get in my mommy's bed. You all have been so wonderful in your love and support towards Taylor, that I feel you should be aware of not only our progress and accomplishments but also the setbacks we face that come directly from our community. I can't tell you how wonderufl the people at Shriners have been in contributing to Taylor's progress and getting home. Dr. McDonald has been magnificent and Taylor could not be in better hands. We should be home in 2-3 weeks and are blessed everyday for the continued love and support you all send our way.

On a little lighter note, Taylor had her very first day pass on Saturday!!!! It was AWESOME!!! She was able to go to see her Aunt Lissy at work, she went to lunch, she played with her cousins. She had a great time. She didn't get nervous or anything. It was one of the best weekends we have had in a very long time. On Sunday she had her horses stop by the hospital and loved it so much. She was able to feed them with her mouth!!! She was so excited to tell me how she put the food in her mouth and the horses just ate it up without biting her. She really is doing well and I know will continue to do so.

She is doing really well on her bike. She is able to stay on it for the whole hour everyday and even pushes it a little harder these days. She is hooked up to the stimulators that make her leg do the work, but she is really doing great. She still isn't eating the hospital food, she says its really bad but she is gaining weight. We are still planning to do Christmas when we get home. She can't wait. She can't believe that our neighbors have said they would put their lights up for her. We will continue to keep you posted and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your love towards Taylor. It is so wonderful.


Stacy Ferguson said...

Tammy, you have such a strong spirit and will (that must be where your daughter gets it!!) to help get Taylor home, where she belongs. You go, girl!! I loved hearing about Taylor and her horse, as it made me smile knowing that made her so happy!! Chico is ready for you all to get back home soon! XOXOXO- Stacy Ferguson

Anonymous said...

Tammy you are a wonderful women and mother. I hope if I ever were to be in your situation I could be as strong as you. I look up to you. I have never met Taylor but I can tell by reading that she is a younger version of you. Congrats on coming home. You and Taylor are an inspriation to me and my family.

Anonymous said...

Tammy hang on it's almost there! I am so excited you will soon be making your journey home with Taylor. You have been so strong and your such a GREAT mom, the best I know. Remember on the days that seem like they may not end, It does and it will all be okay. We are all here if you need anything. Hang in there girl and Chico is looking forward to your arrival!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you! Yvonne.

Anonymous said...

Taylor, As your old neighbors, we remember when you were in your mommy's belly & then just a toddler! How crazy it is that we end up one street apart in our new neighborhood. We have been reading your blog and saying prayers everyday. You are such a brave girl,(your mommy too)we are so excited that you will be back in Chico. Can't wait to see the Christmas lights brighten up the neighborhood!-Susan, Andrei,Shawn & Sierra Carlisle

Anonymous said...

Well if we've waited five months I guess we can wait a few more weeks. It must be so frustrating to be continuously denied by your local hospital, but remember the rest of the community loves you!! Many other businesses and tons of community members keep you close to their hearts and would do anything to help! We love you guys and can't wait to have you home, thanks to the Sacramento Company!
See you soon, Christy Tera & Aubrie

Jillian said...


I'm so happy that you are coming home! What a thrill to see your horses.

Tell your mom we all said hi!

Anonymous said...

Tammy & Taylor!!!

Congrats on the progress... I look forward to hearing how things work out w/Enloe. I wish you guys so much good to come! You two are in my thoughts all the time and I can imagine your eager to get home. I hope the transition comes soon. I cannot make the fundraiser, but I look foward to hearing updates!!
A hug to you both and hang in there. You're almost home. Love to you guys.

Venessa Voyles

Anonymous said...

Taylor and Tammy-
You both are such an inspiration! I could only hope for 1/10th of the strength and courage you two have. I'm so glad you found a company in Sac that would take care of the vent for Taylor. Pooh on Enloe for not helping someone in their community. I wish we could be in Chico with you for your Christmas celebration. I'm sure your family and friends will make it wonderful for you. Tammy- if you ever need anything, please don't hesitate to ask. We are all here for you and Taylor. Best wishes on a speedy return home!
Lots of love,
Courtney, David & Emma Adams

Marilyn said...

Taylor, I'm still in shock over your surprise visit to Carolyn's office yesterday! What a thrill it was to finally get to meet you, and to meet your Mom! I'm so very happy for you that you're able to get out of the hospital. And how nice that you got to see your horses. Sending you BIG HUGS and hoping you get to go home soon! xoxo

Leah said...

How wonderful that taylor gets to go home!!

I just wanted to send some warm wishes your way and say, "Great job, Taylor, you're doing so wonderfully!"
That's so great about how you were able to feed the horses with your mouth! I hope you have a great Christmas at home! :-)

Carol in Sweden said...

I know your Auntie Katie in Sweden a little bit and she has told us about your incredible story. Thank you to your mommy for sharing all your information with us! My family is holding you and your recovery in our good thoughts very often!

You have learned so much in such a short time! Riding a bike now for an hour! And feeding horses! wow! Can you imagine what the horses were thinking when they saw you with their food in your mouth!?
They must like you a lot!
Keep up your bicycling excercises!
We send you our good wishes for you to go home soon!
Carol, Bo and Maya in Sweden

Anonymous said...

Hi Taylor,

I heard you met my sister, Marilyn when you went to Melissa's shop the other day! I was so very glad to hear that you were out and doing well. Hopefully you will soon be home for good. We all love you,

Aunt Dickie, cousins Dee Dee, Mike, Richie, and Danny

Russ said...

Well Taylor, it has been a long time since I last saw you. I have been hearing great things about your recovery. I am overjoyed about your day out. I bet you felt more free than you ever have! And to see your! I know that brought a huge smile to your face.

Well listen, we are still in constant prayer for you and your family. I am very much looking forward to you coming home. You keep showing those doctors and nurses how awesome you are.

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